Larson Family
Carrie, Elyse, Hank and I at Larson Family Winery in Sonoma, CA

Why Rock River FP?

Rock River FP is a blog where I talk about my vision for what a financial planner should be and shouldn’t be. I’ll also be talking about sports, culture, family, and other things that affect these opinions. And more than anything, it’s a medium where I can just write. Which is something I’ve found out I actually really like.

Who am I?

My name is Ryan and I was born and raised in the great state of Iowa. After spending time in Chicago and San Francisco, I’m finally back in the Middle West settling down with my family.


A few personal notes:

After living in Moline, IL for about 18-months, I joined Buckingham Strategic Wealth – one of the fastest growing registered independent advisors (RIA) in the country. I joined the office in Bourbonnais, IL and in January 2018 my wife, our daughter Elyse and our dog Hank made the move to the Bourbonnais area. We have currently settled in a home in the smaller village of Manteno, which is just north of Bourbonnais and only 10-minutes from my office.