Podcasts I’m listening to Right Now

(Note: I’ve been silent the last few weeks due to life’s happenings. All is OK and back on..)

I remember when people started talking about Podcasts. For the life of me, I thought the only people who knew about Podcasts were those who created them. It was an area of the iTunes store that wasn’t all too interesting to me at that point either (2003-2005). Getting songs downloaded from iTunes to go run the streets of Iowa City was much more the priority at the time (I apologize for running in black A-shirts – that was a phase that I’m very glad is over.)

Then as soon as I got into the ‘real world’ after college and started traveling more – ‘traveling more’ means flying, driving, and riding public transportation, including the brown and purple lines in Chicago, Podcasts began to make sense. A lot of sense, for a lot of reasons.

Finding interesting Podcasts was a slow process at first, where I’d head to the “Top Podcasts” list in iTunes and navigate between different categories, or I’d see a suggestion in the Wall Street Journal or somewhere else.

Some Podcasts are really well done; others not so. Just as a rising tide raises all boats, it seems that the effort needed to sustain a successful Podcast has gotten higher which is resulting in a lot of great content, presented very well.

When Podcasts started taking up more space on my iPhone, a few things were going on in my life that prompted it. I was going through a tough time personally and finding inspiration through motivational speakers and pastors was a staple for me. The other large change for me was getting off of the corporate ladder and plotting my entrance into the Financial Planning industry. Finding Podcasts that gave me inspiration and fuel for the entrepreneurial life was definitely needed.

To this day, I still re-listen to some Podcasts that had large impacts on me. It’s very cool to listen to them again knowing you’re in a much better (or different) place.

With that intro, here are the top Podcasts that I’m listening to now and a bit about them.

The Minimalists Podcast

  • Call it moving 15+ times since college graduation or pure interest in ridding my life of things that take up too much space, but Joshua and Ryan cover a lot of topics that can be applied immediately and really put ‘life’ in perspective. Great discussions across a number of different areas.

Behavior Gap Radio

  • Carl Richards is a star in the financial advice world for a lot of things – this is his podcast.

Financial Advisor Success

  • Another star of the financial advice world, Michael Kitces, just recently launched this podcast this year and it’s got an amazing amount of information for the advisory industry. For the Practice Management geek in me, I can’t wait for each Tuesday morning for the new episode!

Wealthtrack with Consuelo Mack

  • Suggestion from a colleague when I was at FactSet (Andy Ratoff) and to this day, best interviews with investment managers that I’ve found. Thank you Andy!

How I Built This (NPR)

  • Just what it sounds like – interviews with successful people on how they built their businesses (example is John Mackey and Whole Foods).

Retirement Answer Man Show

  • Roger Whitney has a no-nonsense approach to retirement questions and he communicates what can be very confusing investment topics down to the bits and pieces to get his point across. Even for a professional myself, he is a great resource. For people 50+ beginning to chart their path to retirement, you need to do yourself a favor and listen to this Podcast.

The Tim Ferriss Show

  • We all know this dude – great show, great guests and always a new way to think about something. I always feel smarter after listening to this show.

The Podfathers

  • Show about fatherhood from three guys with different perspectives and a lot of humor. Telling it how it is.

Masters in Business

  • Barry Ritholtz from Ritholtz Wealth Management (NY) interviews people who shake things up in markets, investing and business overall. Favorite episode thus far was Barry’s interview with Marc Andreessen from Andreessen Horowitz – one of the preeminent Venture Capital firms in the world. He was born in Cedar Falls, IA too.

Mosaic – Erwin Raphael McManus

  • Mosaic is a church in LA / Pasadena that was created by Erwin and his wife, Kim. It is my favorite church I’ve never been to.

Heritage Audio Podcast 

  • Heritage QC is my local church, based in Rock Island with another campus in Bettendorf. When I miss a service, this is a great way to stay up on the current series that Sean and crew are speaking on.

There are more podcasts that I have on my phone, but those listed above represent Podcasts that I absolutely make room in my calendar for. Very rarely now is my radio on when I drive. I’d rather listen to a Podcast vs. commercials any day.

Not sure if this post is helpful at all, but whenever I see someone’s “list” of things, I tend to glean something from it that benefits me. If anyone has Podcasts that they really like, leave a comment and a brief description – always looking for new ones!



One comment

  1. A shirts. Lol.

    All good podcasts. I recently got into them as well.

    Pat McAfee- Sports
    Fore Play- Golf
    OniowaPodcast- Hawkeyes Sports
    Squad Room- PD related, Heath, we’ll bring, workout stuff.

    Good post.

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